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Fix A Leak: For Spas & Hot Tubs


The 8oz. bottle can be used for minor drip leaks. Use 1 whole bottle in hot tubs ranging from 250 to 1000 gallons. Water Temperature should be between 70F and up.

Manufactures Instructions for use:

This type of application will be for hot tub/spa leaks that are minor in nature. When you know your hot tub/spa is leaking but cannot detect a noticeable water drop inside the spa a wet spa pad or actual water slowly dripping onto the pad or floor may be the cause. Since it will be difficult to determine if you have sealed this type of leak follow the steps below.

  • Remove all cartridge filters.
  • Pour the entire contents of the bottle into the filter intake or directly into the spa.
  • On day 1 run the spa for 4-6 hours, alternating between the low and high-speed jets.
  • Since the jets usually run on a 15-minute cycle, you must be present to restart once cycle kicks off.
  • After the 4-6 hours you can shut off your spa or just allow the recirculating pump to periodically run its cycle.**
  • On day two, if the leak has slowed but not stopped, broom the bottom of your hot tub/spa before restarting the process as you did on day one of alternating between high and low speed jets for 4-6 hours.
  • After day two leave the spa off for 48 hours. During this time frame check to see if the water level is stable and if the hot tub/spa pad remains dry.

Manufacturer recommends to drain your spa after treatment as long as night temperatures remain over 5C (40F). If temperatures dip below 5C (40F) for any length of time you may reinstall the filter(s) and remove the remainder of Fix A Leak out of the Spa or Hot Tub, making sure to take filter(s) out now and then to rinse under hot water to remove any Fix A Leak residue. If you are able to drain the Spa make sure that as the water level is going down to wipe down the Spa with a warm wet soft cloth[s] or towel[s] to ensure all remaining residue of Fix A Leak is removed. If it is not thoroughly wiped away it can leave a white residue. Once the Spa shell is cleaned, let the Spa sit empty for 5-7 days to attempt to cure the FIX A LEAK from the inside of the plumbing pipe[s](as the foam insulation will remain wet or damp for months on end).
Keep in mind water may still drip from the saturated foam surrounding the hot tub/spa.

With this procedure you may have a success rate of up to 80% as long as leaks are not from cracked plumbing or the leak is coming from deteriorated gaskets. Cracked plumbing and leaking gaskets require replacing.

Once this process is completed, refill your spa, add your chemicals and resume normal operation.