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PENTAIR Supermax VS 115\230- 1.5HP

SKU: 343001
The SuperMax pump moves water more efficiently for lower operating cost and super quiet operation. You get less wear and tear, and that means longer life and a higher return on your pump investment.The SuperMax pump from Sta Rite features a commercial grade, 56 square flange motor for top performance in residential swimming pools. SuperMax is a superior drop in replacement for Super Pump. The advantage for consumers is its quiet operation and economical performance. The benefit to pool professionals is its ease of installation (union fittings are included and the pump easily drops in place).The Sta Rite reputation for top of the line equipment has been earned by answering the needs of today?s pool owners?high efficiency, low maintenance and reliability. Sta Rite products ace the test in every category.A commercial grade motor and an innovative hydraulic design combine to make the SuperMax pump a quiet, tireless workhorse.When cleaning is required, a simple quarter turn of the Cam and Ramp lid gives you easy access to the ultra sized strainer basket. Simply empty the basket, and re attach the see through lid?you?re done in seconds.Only the best materials are used to build lasting quality into each pump. On the outside, Sta Rite?s thermoplastic composite resin weathers temperature extremes and will never corrode. On the inside, a heavy duty shaft seal and impeller stand tough against harsh chemicals.