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Reagent: Calcium Indicator

SKU: R-0011L-A
Do you know what your water needs to remain balanced, ensuring it's beautiful and healthy for swimmers? If not, turn to the trusted solutions offered by Taylor, a long-time leader in water chemistry and maintenance products for pools and spa owners. These Taylor replacement reagents will let you know everything your eyes can't see in your pool water, such as whether you need to shock your pool or add chlorine, while Taylor reagents remain efficient and easy to use. Always maintain the perfectly balanced pool with Taylor Reagents.
  • Taylor Replacement Reagents Are Made For Use With Taylor Test Kits
  • Factory Fresh Reagents Have A 2-3 Year Shelf Life, If Stored Properly
  • Taylor Refill Reagents Available In Several Sizes To Fit Your Kit Or Your Testing Needs
  • Using Replacement Reagents Allows You To Extend The Life Of Your Taylor Kit
  • Store Your Reagents In A Cool Dry Location, With Tightly Sealed Bottle Caps
  • See Also Our Complete Taylor Refill Kits, For Sets Of Reagents Sold Together