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Go long! Really, really long!

This swirling-star Frisbee might be made of a light, soft foam, but this thing can fly up to 50 feet on one toss! So really, go long!

Fling it, fly it, sling or swoop! Then run and scoop! Leap, catch, and hurl! Make up a game, create a challenge course, or play long-range catch.

Play in the park (you might need more space than your yard has!) or at the beach. Play in the pool, or play after school, but whatever you do, get out and play!

PU Frisbee - 6 inch
  • A soft foam swirling star Frisbee
  • Encourages outdoor play and exercise
  • Strengthens dexterity and gross motor skills
  • Soars up to 50 feet
  • Colors may vary
  • Includes 1 bright PU Frisbee
  • Soft but durable foam