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TEAR-AID Patch Kit

SKU: ST3072
Fix punctures and tears on a variety of items with this Gold Type A Tear-Aid Fabric Repair Patch Kit. The product features a unique airtight, watertight and elastic composition that stretches, as well as springs back to keep it in place. This Tear-Aid patch kit comes in handy for fixing tents, sleeping bags, cushions, changing pads, sails and much more. The see-through patch makes it suitable for fabric of any color. It's made from an exceptionally tough, abrasion-resistant elastomer that resists punctures and tearing. The unique adhesive is formulated for high-bond strength. It's also flexible and conforms to irregular surfaces without restricting the movement of the repaired material. This fabric patch kit works on canvas, rubber, neoprene, nylon and other materials.